Thanks to Wood’s Forcible Entry Door Kit and Firehouse Fabricators we at Fireground and Special Operations Concepts LLC are proud owners of tubular deadbolt and padlock reusable props as well as a forcible entry door prop.  For those stations or departments within four hours of Orlando that would like to train but do not have the props/structures to do so, can rent out our props.  The package deal will bring: One door prop, one large garbage can with pre-cut wood for prop, one empty garbage can for used wood, reusable padlocks, reusable tubular deadbolts, reusable mortise lock props, and rebar/metal cut prop for one week of use.  Additional charges for more than one week of use.  Feel free to call for additional information/quote at (904)327-6832 or message us on our Facebook page Fireground and Special Operations Concepts LLC.

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