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Julio Ramos

Julio Ramos is the founder and owner of FSOC LLC and co-founder of the page/brand East Coast Fire Tactics. Julio has been on the job for ten years, last five in Special Operations assigned in his department’s East Side Squad Company. Julio has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science, is Florida State and ProBoard Instructor 1 and Fire Officer 1, as well as a Paramedic. He is part of Florida’s Task Force 4 amongst other things. Julio grew up wanting to be a firefighter and followed his dreams by first going to a magnet program high school that specialized in public service as well as joining the fire explorers when he was 14. Julio lives in the motto of FSOC: “Destiny Favors the Prepared” by constantly taking classes and training and listening to his mentors/Senior Men talk shop. He is happily married.

Daniel McManus

With an extensive background in rescue services, Daniel McManus is known for his highly responsive and intuitive nature. After working in the fire service for nearly 23 years as a Rescue Chief and Assistant State Fire Marshal, he changed his career path to further pursue Emergency Response. A knowledgeable graduate of Ringling College, McManus is now studying for his Master’s in Homeland Security specializing in Disaster Management.

He truly loves what he does and has been an integral part of over 60 multiagency incidents in the last eight years. His experience is vast and includes large-scale fires, swift water rescues, specialized helicopter rescues, large area searches, and complex recovery missions. During his tenure as Chief of South Carolina’s State Emergency Response Task Force he sustained the State Urban Search & Rescue Task Force, developed the second nationally recognized Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (SC-HART), and the State’s first (large scale) swift water/floodwater response program.

With almost a decade of being the state search and rescue (SAR) coordinator, encounters like the recent statewide floods in South Carolina, Super Storm Sandy and many others, it’s no doubt that his new endeavor, the Division Chief of Special Operations for the City of Columbia, he will assist thousands more.

Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox has 12 years on the job and currently is a Lieutenant for Flagler Beach Fire Department, currently assigned to Ladder 11. He is also the founder of the page/brand East Coast Fire Tactics and partner in Fire ground and Special Operations Concepts LLC. He has is Fire Officer 2, Instructor 1, and Paramedic certifications. Stephen is also a VMR technician and Marine Rescue Operator. Stephen received Public Safety Individual of the year in 2016, Life Saving Award in 2015, and Fire Fighter of the Year in 2014 in his department. Stephen stays hungry for knowledge and continuously seeks out education to better himself, his crew, and his department.

Kevin Nazario

Kevin Nazario is a firefighter/medic serving OCFRD for over seven years. He has spent the last four years as a special operations technician, currently assigned to Squad 3, on the west side of the county. He has been a member of Florida’s Task Force 4 for five years. Kevin is an Instructor 1 and teaches at the local fire college, teaching special operations courses as well as new recruits. Kevin is also an adjunct instructor for the department, instructing in Multi-Company Drills. Kevin has a passion for the fire service and loves all it has to offer. He mostly loves the technical rescue side of the special operations team and tries to focus on VMR and Rope. Kevin is also the head technician for the newly formed extrication team. Kevin loves to take conferences and classes all over the country to help better his skills and bring back further knowledge to share.

James Cosgrove

James Cosgrove is a seven-year veteran of Flagler County Fire Rescue. He is currently assigned to Engine 16, a technical rescue apparatus, as a driver/paramedic. He is also a combat medic for the Army National Guard. Due to his military experience, James is taking the lead in establishing a Rescue Task Force in Flagler County, a first of its kind for the area, intended to prepare first responders to deal with the impending shadow of mass shooting type incidents. He is also an instructor for Flagler County Fire Rescue and is helping educate and continuously improve the culture of his department. His passion and expertise is VEIS and vehicle extrication. James also assists as an instructor for the Flagler Palm Coast Fire Academy, a pilot program aimed at developing and recruiting high school students.

Armando Castaneda, Jr

Armando Castaneda, Jr. is a seven-year employee with Flagler County Fire Rescue, where he currently serves as a Lieutenant on Engine 16. Armando is a member of the Flagler County Technical Rescue Team, FL-USAR Team 312, the Flagler County Wildfire Mitigation team, as well as the county’s multi-agency Critical Incident Stress Management team. With a focus on conventional forcible entry and search techniques, Armando has a heavy involvement in most of the training in Flagler County. He also has the unique opportunity to serve, along with several other Flagler County firefighters, as a lead instructor at Flagler Palm Coast High School’s pilot program, aimed at developing future firefighters through student development during four years of classwork.
Armando’s previous experience as a Regional Training Director for a Northeastern based corporate chain allowed him to hone his skills as an effective instructor and public speaker at a very young age. Over the course of ten years, he spent much of his time developing and implementing standardized training programs in a corporate setting, until he found his true passion in the fire service. Armando, along with several of his local Flagler brothers, currently has the privilege of being frequently sent to various trainings around the state, with the purpose of developing more extensive training programs back in Flagler County. He has also been happily married for fifteen years and is a proud father of one.

Tim Millis

Tim Mills is a Firefighter / EMT with 15 years on the job. Tim is currently assigned to the Ladder / Rescue Companies out of Matthews Fire & EMS Station 1. North Carolina Level II Fire & Rescue Instructor and pursuing Firefighter and Rescue Technician Instructor Qualification to teach within the North Carolina Community College System. Tim holds North Carolina Firefighter, Technical Rescuer – Vehicle & Machinery Rescue, Technical Rescue – Ropes, Level I Hazmat, Emergency Vehicle Driver, North Carolina Breathing Equipment School Survivor and Fire Officer II. He has also embarked on obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management & Disaster Preparedness through Columbia College. When not at the Firehouse, Tim spends his free time participating in various types of training and having his wheels run off by his daughter.

“Let no man's ghost return to say his training let him down.”

Michael Covell

Michael Covell is a Lieutenant for Sumter County Fire where he is assigned to Ladder 11; he also serves on the departments technical rescue team. Michael began his fire service career 7 years ago; he is passionate and dedicated the fire service as a whole. He has attended various conferences around the Country gaining knowledge and experience, ranging from FDIC, MAFFC, OFC, and Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo just to name a few. He holds an AS Degree in Fire Science, Fire Officer I and II, Florida Smoke Diver, and his Instructor II where he teaches standards at Lake Tech Fire Academy located in Tavares. He has also written two articles that were published in Florida Fire Chiefs Association magazine; he is huge advocate for training and loves the tradition the fire service has to offer.