At FSOC LLC, we believe in mastering the basics. All great leaders known have been very well versed in their craft and knows what needs to get done in order to accomplish the tasks on hand. We will focus on mastering the basics as well as skills building. We will teach you to break down every scene into skills that must be accomplished and from there, delegate them to individuals involved. Wether the incident is an EMS call, fire ground call, technical rescue or hazardous materials incident, the approach will be the same. Our focus on teaching the foundation of our jobs and skills necessary for the effective outcome of the incident ground, no matter what discipline it is, will help those in rank become better leaders and tacticians. 

At FSOC LLC, we will also teach team efficiency. Every class can be tailored to each individual's or department's needs. Every player has a key role to the successful outcome of every incident. We preach the "Pit Crew" concept as well as military's special operations teams concepts of being part of a team but also independent operators. We believe in teaching personnel to be force multipliers when engaging on an incident scene. 

Courses start with skills presentations and technical information, applying the skills, scenario based training, competency based training and assessment, and skills/team assessments. All courses also have portions exclusively for every rank in the public service, so every player knows exactly what is expected of them on incident grounds.